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One week into crowdfunding!

CMR needs your help in bringing our battery system to life!

Coming off of our success with 17e, 18e will be Carnegie Mellon Racing's first car to break a three second 0 to 60 acceleration time. This will only be possible with our complex battery back and custom battery management system, currently being implemented by two seniors on the team. This year, we shrunk the size of the Ancillary compartment (the container adjacent to the cell compartment, holding things such as the pack fuse and Battery Management System master board) in order to make more room for all new drivetrain components.

With your help, we will be able to implement our new BMS system and make advancements within our team on electrical design that very few other teams have the resources to do. These advancements will also help members of the team evolve in their knowledge and understanding of more complex systems. Your money will directly go towards this design, manufacturing, and cost intensive system, and will ensure that our car runs smoothly.

Crowdfunding will be open until DECEMBER 8TH, check us out here:

See our crowdfunding video here:

Thank you so much for your continued support for the team.


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