We are the Carnegie Mellon University chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers. We bring together the brightest engineers at Carnegie Mellon University to design and build a fully electric Formula 1 style race car to compete with university Formula SAE teams around the world.

Our Mission

We provide undergraduates with opportunities for technical and management experience on a large engineering project.  We strive to transform students into effective engineers, leaders, and problem solvers.  Our team is accessible to all students of different experience levels, backgrounds, and areas of study.


As an organization, we aim to be at the forefront of electric vehicle race technology. We give students experience directly applicable to their careers beyond college.  We provide a space for shared interests in automotive engineering.


The team is divided into 5 departments:  Structures, Energetics, Finance, Outreach, and R&D, with over 50 members across all Colleges at Carnegie Mellon. It takes interdisciplinary collaboration between these departments to design, manufacture, and compete with our race car.


Formula SAE is a series of international collegiate competitions organized and run by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Student teams must engineer and build a prototype race vehicle to showcase its performance and design to technical experts in order to win a fictional contract.

Static events

  • Cost Presentation

  • Design Presentation

  • Business Case

Dynamic Events

  • Endurance

  • Acceleration

  • Skidpad

  • Efficiency

  • Autocross

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