Who We are

Carnegie Mellon Racing is made up of undergraduate students from a range of disciplines within the College of Engineering and the University at large.  Each year students collaborate to design, manufacture, and race a brand new Formula style electric race car.  This year is the seventh in which CMR will compete in the electric division of the FSAE circuit.

20E Team

Executive board

These are the leaders of Carnegie Mellon Racing for the 20e Season.  The executive board directs the team's design, manufacturing, and testing as well as managing CMR as an organization of students.

Griffin Della Grotte


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Oliver Wang

VP of Energetics

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Julia Lu

VP of Finance

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Aidan Honnold

VP of Structures

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Danny Marks

VP of Marketing and Outreach

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Andrew Fu

VP of Competitive Analysis and Strategic Direction

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The structures department is responsible for the design and manufacturing of each mechanical subsystem of the car.  Captains oversee sub-structures and their respective System leads. Each System Lead oversees their respective system from initial design to final installation on the car.

Aaron McKenzie

Aerodynamics and Composites Manager

Annette Guo


Andrew Fu


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Danny Marks

Driver Interface Manager

Arushi Singh


Nick Saizan

Steering Wheel

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Greg Woelki

Powertrain Manager

Shuming Teoh


Tim Violino


Laura Ochsner

Cooling - Drivetrain

Doria Pei

Cooling - Radiator and Loop

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Luis Martinez

Suspension Manager

Julia Lu


Jac Council


Terrence Frey


Justin Chung

Control Arms

Jason Li

Control Arms

Spencer Bowman

Bellcranks & Dampers

Emilio Guevara

Anti-Roll Bars

Eli Zidel


Jaime Romero

Two Force Members

Chris Chang

Two Force Members

Ivy He


Victoria Han


Nico Murolo


Simon Yu


Alex White

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The Energetics team makes the race car come alive by designing nearly every electrical and firmware system on the car.  Team members are responsible for the design, fabrication, programming, and testing of each custom PCB hardware on the vehicle


Mrinali Nakhre

Core Grounded Low Voltage Captain

Current Team:

  • Divya Aggarwal

  • Larry Geng

  • Mukundh Balajee

  • Nick Saizan

  • Oliver Wang

  • Rashi Kejriwal

  • Spandan Sharma

  • Ashwin Godura

  • Devan Grover

  • Iris Dong

  • Omkar Savkur

  • Caroline Kasuba

  • Eliezer Olivares

  • Navod Jayawardhane

  • Esther Bedoyan

  • Gustav Hansen


Saral Tayal

Grounded Low Voltage Development Captain

Current Team:

  • Vamsi Ratnakaram

  • Bharath Sreenivas

  • Sebastian Garcia

  • Prithu Pareek

  • Jeff Tan

  • Griffin Della Grotte

  • Ravi Dudhagra


Jason Lu

Firmware Captain

Current Team:

  • Omkar Savkur

  • Oliver Wang

  • Vamsi Ratnakaram

  • Abhishek Agarwal

  • Amy Lin

  • Derek Duenas

  • Gustav Hansen

  • Ishraaq Shams

  • Joey Wildman

  • Keren Huang


Jeannie Ruffley

High Voltage Accumulator Captain

Current Team:

  • Hongyi Lin

  • Corrado Govea

  • Jonathan Li

  • Vikram Marmer

  • Oliver Wang


Vikram Marmer

High Voltage Tractive Systems Captain

Current Team:

  • Patrick Joyce

  • Oliver Wang

  • Hongyi Lin

  • Saral Tayal

  • Griffin Della Grotte

  • Kevin Song

  • Mihir Lovalekar