Curb Weight: 225 kg

Weight Distribution: 49.9% Front

Wheel Base: 1582 mm

Front Track: 1253 mm

Rear Track: 1175 mm

Height: 1108 mm


Battery Capacity: 6.5 kWh

Battery Cell: Samsung INR18650-25R

Battery Configuration: 72s10p

Battery Management System: Custom Developed In-House

Max Power: 80kW

Pack Voltage: 300V



Configuration: Single Motor Rear Chain Drive

Motor: ENSTROJ Emrax 228 MV

Motor Controller: Rinehart Motion Systems PM100DX

Gearing: 4:1 Chain Reduction

Differential: TRE MKII Automatic Torque Biasing Differential

Max Torque to Wheels: 960 Nm

Frame & Suspension

Configuration: Steel Tube Space Frame

Chassis weight: 89 lbs

Wheels: Keizer Aluminum 10'' Centerlocks

Tires: 18.0 x 6.0-10, R25B, Hoosier


Formula North 2018

1st place: Overall​, Dynamics, and Endurance

2nd place: Skidpad, Acceleration, and Efficiency

3rd place: AutoX and Business

Formula Electric 2018:

1st place: Overall

2nd place: Endurance

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